School Systems

Every organization develops a set of Practices – the way it does business. The very term “organization” is pregnant with the implication of a certain degree of coherence and harmony in these practices. But within the wide spectrum of educational institutions, many schools are yet to evolve into organizations.

Organizational practices are a reflection of its mission, vision and values. And at the same time, bring about efficiency and predictability in the conduct of business in school by all stakeholders. Successful organizations facilitate compliance through well defined systems, processes and controls.

Despite its importance, in many organizations the adoption of school-wide, synergistic practices is accidental, rather than by design. Absence of alignment has the potential of undermining the organization’s vision and promote inefficiencies.

Our Model

Our methodology is based on the 4Ps of good governance, customized to the 5th P of education.

How can we help

Art of Learning helps schools evolve from educational institutes to educational organizations by designing, developing and implementing the following school systems:

Pedagogical Systems including Systems for implementing and administering CCE and Inclusive Education.

HR Systems including staff hiring policy and procedures, Training policy, Employee Relations, Workload & Staffing and Compliance.

Student Administration Systems including admissions policy, maintenance of student evaluations, records, and parent communication.

Alumni Administration Systems including alumni communications, record-keeping and databases.