There is an evident mismatch between the demand and supply of education professionals and administrators. In the last decade there has been a rapid increase in the number of schools in India. Unfortunately, our teacher training colleges have not been able to provide the education industry with an adequate supply of competent and quality teachers to meet their growing needs. This has resulted most schools in India being understaffed, at any given time.

The supply of teachers available to teach in schools has also been impacted by two significant trends:

  • The boom in the education industry, resulting in the mushrooming of service providers (education consultant, content providers, IT enabled services, etc) to schools and other associated education companies. Mostly, these companies prefer to hire education professionals and poach high quality talent away from schools, thus shrinking the pool further.
  • The opportunities of employment available to talented educators in countries like Middle East, South East Asia and to some extent in Europe. Many countries around the world have a similar problem as India, however as schools in these countries pay more, they are a big lure for many Indian teachers looking for international exposure and/or significantly better pay.

Art of Learning has recently started providing recruitment assistance to its client schools to help them tap into our significant international and national network of educators, professionals and consultants. Very quickly, the demand for market linkages extended to beyond our existing network and schools started asking us for assistance in identifying and recruiting administrators and education professionals with relevant national and international experience.

The AOL Model

Art of Learning connects K-12 schools to its wide and valuable network of education professionals from around the world. In a comprehensive and collaborative process, we understand the profile of the school and its staffing needs; sift through our extensive database of professionals and match the candidate profile with the school; conduct preliminary interaction and reference check of the shortlisted candidate and submit our recommendations to school. This process helps schools broaden their search and minimizes their own screening procedure, and at the same time have the comfort and confidence that the candidate has a fair understanding of the profile of the school and job description for the purpose of fair and sustainable employment.

How can AOL help?

AOL has a large database of expat administrative education processionals who would like to work in Indian and of Indian educators working abroad, but looking to relocate back to India.

Both these pools of educators provide India and Indian schools the opportunity to attract back some of the talent it loses annually to corporate and global competitive forces. These professionals are enriched by their international perspective and experience and bring with them greater depth and understanding of international education and pedagogical practices, and can consequently contribute to the growth of Indian education and educational institutions in ways that many Indian educators may not.

We also help identify and recruit talented staff from other institutions, looking for opportunities of vertical career growth outside their institutions.