Learning in the 21st Century

Students learn better when they are engaged with their learning. Student engagement refers to the degree of attention, curiosity and interest students show in their learning, driven by a sense of value in deepening their understanding.

The 21st century model for teaching-learning is certainly very different from the century before. With the advent of google, information and knowledge retention is most certainly not a priority. What matters in the 21st century is what students do with the information they have. This puts the focus of education on analysis and synthesis, and the ability to combine information from various disciplines to solve problems and find solutions.

Theme based learning, project based learning, epic learning, the use of tablets and computing devices, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality are effective tools to enhance student engagement. These tools inspire teachers and students alike as they allow students the opportunity to curate their own learning experiences.

More importantly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon emerge as a major disruptive force in the way students experience learning and engagement. We expect, in the next 20 years, the power to choose what students learn, how they learn and from whom they learn will shift from educators to learners.

Work Themes

There are two key themes in our work:

+ Student Learning Experiences in K-12

+ Capacity Enhancement with NGOs

Work Stories