Student Learning Experiences in K-12

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The world is changing and so are the ways kids preference for learning models. 21st century teaching learning is student centric, designed to be engaging and provide a hands-on minds-on experience. In the age of google, information retention is not the goal of education, using than information is. A range of buzz words, play based learning, theme based learning, project based learning, experiential learning, epic learning, STEM, computers in classrooms, etc may offer variety in the way teaching-learning is imparted inside and outside the classroom, but each has a different flavour and context.

Art of Learning’s K-12 expertise and experience is focused on these following.

  • Assist schools identify and implement the education model appropriate for them
  • Design and develop different teaching-learning experiences at different levels of schooling – Pre-primary, primary, middle and senior.
  • Empower school leadership build a dynamic environment of learning and growth
  • Develop school systems and structures to manage and sustain a world class  educational institution