The People

Art of Learning is the brainchild of two committed and passionate international professionals who synergized their distinct and unique career trajectories for shared beliefs.

Art of Learning works with a wide spectrum of schools, non-profits and other educational bodies to design and deliver need-based interventions within the organizational realities. We have worked with rural, national, international schools in India, Indonesia and Canada; educational corporations and non-profits (NGO’s) from India, UK and USA. As a consulting company, we work to build competencies, curriculum and create/improve work processes, teaching-learning transactions as we co-create value with the stakeholders.

Our work is based on the belief that organizations and people have intrinsic potential that can be tapped to help them achieve their vision and enhance their performance.

The Art of Learning team is led by Payal and Sandeep Mahajan.

Payal 1Payal Mahajan is an international educator working with educational organizations for the past 20 years. Currently, she works in the advisory capacity designing, reviewing routine and strategic customized client solutions. Educated in India and Canada, Payal has worked with international, national, government schools and educational charities in Indonesia, Canada and India.

Payal’s expansive pedagogical experience in different capacities/countries help her analyze and design school solutions effectively and efficiently.


Sandeep MahajanSandeep Mahajan has a strong background in consulting having worked for international investment banks and consulting companies for 20 years. Since 2009, Sandeep has been instrumental in designing customized solutions and driving sustained operational growth of client operations through the creation of systems, policies and processes.

Sandeep’s strong experience in corporate and education consulting helps Art of Learning gain a holistic perspective and to balance micro and macro perspectives.