Started as an aspiration to understand and address learning-deficit education in India, Art of Learning is the brainchild of committed and passionate international educational and consulting professionals.

Art of Learning currently works with a spectrum of schools, non-profits and other learning organizations to co-create and deliver need-based and vision-driven interventions. Our passion for learning and reinventing the wheel – evident in our work experience ranging from rural to international schools; from India and Indonesia to Canada; from non-profits from UK and USA to corporates from India – is our raison d’être. We work as catalysts to build competencies, programs, design/improve work processes, learning framework to co-create conspicuous and inconspicuous transformation within the individuals, organizations and their work environment.

The trajectory of our current work has been shaped by the profile and needs of our clients as well as our own core values. Acknowledging and appreciating that organizations are complex, distinct and dynamic entities, we adopt a holistic and differentiated approach with participation from key stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • design/review of curriculum
  • professional development
  • adoption of international school programs
  • rethinking the learning experience for students
  • design/review of school systems
  • evaluation of school and staff effectiveness
  • designing, contextualizing and operating international programs in India, and
  • implementing and monitoring school improvement

As a learning organization, Art of Learning is always keen to venture into new vistas of work and learning.