Capacity Enhancement with NGOs

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Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) operating in the education sector require access to the following technical skills:

  • Concept and program conceptualisation, development and design 
  • Systems thinking and creation of monitoring mechanisms (MIS)
  • Assistance with robust program implementation 
  • Hiring and development of human resource capacity
  • Engaging with experts (academics, local and international experts) to tap into contemporary knowledge

Further, foreign NGO’s (not having permanent base India) having niche expertise require the following to operate effectively: 

  • Local knowledge and insights into how things work
  • Local resource to liaison with indian beneficiaries and partner organisations  
  • Local contact to trouble shoot, problem solve and followup on implementation  

Art of Learning co-creates with you scalable programs and helps design operating and monitoring systems needed to implement and track the efficacy of programs.