International Certification

In India, international curriculum in educational institutions is a very recent phenomenon with a limited number of schools offering it. For most schools, the journey to authorization has involved significant unlearning and learning through trial and error.

Common Concerns

Some of the common issues related to the conceptualization & implementation of an international curriculum have been:

  • Significant unlearning for all the stakeholders is a challenge
  • Lack of adequate understanding of the programs and their regimen
  • A tendency to adopt and adapt rather than create/co-create

Inefficiencies in the design & implementation process result in significant wastage of resources

 Design Considerations

Art of Learning offers a comprehensive solution to develop and implement an international curriculum in the school.

Our solution includes:

  • Development of an action plan based on the school’s vision.
  • Analysis of capability gap and requirements to implement the plan.
  • Establishing, communicating and monitoring milestones for efficient and timely implementation.
  • Development of policies and processes to balance priorities and program requirements.
  • Alignment of standards and documentation to meet national and international compliance.
  • Develop assessment and feedback mechanisms to troubleshoot significant deviations from the plan.