Curriculum Advisory

The concept of a curriculum in the context of education is often used synonymously with syllabus. In reality, the expression curriculum is a complex idea, which incorporates the aggregate learning experiences offered by a school – formally or informally, within and outside the classroom.

Common Misconceptions

Some of the common misconceptions about curriculum which, in essence limits its efficacy while making it unholistic are:

  • Curriculum is either prescribed by the regulatory body or can be commercially purchased from educational vendors.
  • If our students are scoring well in exams, there is no need to review the curriculum (Why fix something that is not broken!).
  • As a new school, we can borrow and adopt curriculum of an already established and successful school.

Design Considerations

Art of Learning understands that an effective curriculum is one that is designed by the main stakeholders in a school and is contextualized to the realities and vision of the school’s learning community.

We assist/guide new schools in designing their curriculum and older schools in its review and realignment to eliminate deficiencies and overlaps.

Our methods are based on UbDTM (by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe) and Curriculum Mapping by Heidi Hayes Jacobs.

Art of Learning’s Curriculum Design Model 

AOL Curriculum Design Model