New School Start-up

Establishing a new school is similar to birthing a baby. The process of establishing a pedagogically sound and relevant institution of learning needs ideation, incubation, conceptualisation before it can be delivered. Once established, it then needs to be nurtured past dependency, teething problems and stumbling gait.

Art of Learning can assist you in establishing a school that is relevant for the 21st century learner and is appropriate for your vision and context.

Our services for a school start-up are:

Preparing a Business Plan: The business plan articulates your goals and rationale for establishing the school.  The process of preparing a business plan is reflective and requires an analysis of the strategic considerations of establishing the school, including the parameters for the attainment of these goals.  Art of Learning helps you hold the mirror to your motivations and beliefs and to document the DNA with which you will build your school.

Vision Building: The vision reflects the philosophical and pedagogical aspirations for the school. While architectural design is the skeleton of the school, the vision breathes purpose and life into it. Art of Learning helps mould and concretise the structural framework for the vision so that it becomes visible and demonstrable. We also assist in creating systems and processes that align school operations with the school vision.

School Design: Designing and building world-class and contemporary learning spaces is a matter of customisation and contextualisation. Through our partners, we help schools evaluate and align its design of spaces with the bigger picture. The effective and efficient design of spaces helps the school benefit most from built pedagogy and by enlisting environment at a third teacher.

Board Affiliation and International Certification (CBSE, ICSE, IB and Cambridge): Art of Learning guides schools in the journey to program affiliation with national and international boards. We ensure the shortest possible timeframe and smoothest journey to certification with focus on quality, delivery and compliance.

Curriculum design and development: While there are many off-the-shelf curriculums available in the market, schools that envision carving a niche and providing unique learning experience to their students, contextualise curriculum (formal and informal) to the unique needs of their students. Art of Learning helps schools design and contextualise curriculum.

Training and Support: Teachers are the most important resource of any school. The quality of your educational institution is a direct function of the quality of its teachers.  Art of Learning has a full suite of services to facilitate in-service professional development of staff and administrators. Through our teacher training programs, we assist teachers with acquiring the tools to be effective in a classroom and to incorporate them into their teaching-learning practices. Through our From Good to Outstanding and Centres of Excellence programs, we provide ongoing, on-site and online, support to the teachers to build a professional community of learners.

School Systems: Effective systems facilitate the efficient administration of the different components of school and at the same time ensure that the strategic direction of the school is in congruence with its vision.  Art of Learning assists schools in creating & streamlining work processes, including systems for planning and implementation; delivery and evaluation; and recording and reporting.

Recruitment and Capacity Building: Building a creative and collaborative pedagogical leadership team that understands and works to accomplish the school objectives is critical for new schools. Art of Learning can assist in the hiring of suitable school administrators like the principal, coordinators, department heads and teachers. We also help schools create an international outlook and branding for your school by recruiting internationally experienced administrators and staff.

Internationalism: It takes more than international students and staff to make a school truly international. Art of Learning helps you foster international mindedness, nurturing globally sound learners, with the adoption of internationally-proven content and practices with a firm handle on local realities. With our wide international network, we help force strong international relationships at the school, teacher and student levels to help build and market an international brand and presence for the school.

Students’ Services: Students need many value-add services that contribute towards their holistic development and effective learning. Art of Learning organises/arranges varied services for the students like career counselling, session for parents, learning exchange programs, guest evenings/mornings, etc.