The debate on Digital Literacy

Here is a very interesting debate on “Is technology destroying our ability to write or reviving it? The new age of digital communication” featuring four prominent members of the North America’s education fraternity.

The participants were:

Andrea Lunsford is professor of English and Director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at Stanford University. She is the principal investigator of the Stanford Study of Writing.

Alice Robison is an assistant professor in the rhetoric, composition, and linguistics program in the English department at Arizona State University.

Nichole Pinkard is the Director of Innovation for the University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute.

Mark Federman is a researcher at the Ontario Insitute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

The debate raises some pertinent and compelling questions:

Are schools and colleges doing enough to make education relevant? Are they equipping our children for life in the 21st century? Do schools need to upgrade their models on how children think and learn?

Let me know what you think.

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