Education for digital learner in digital world

In our world…

Everyone with a computer can be a potential writer, author or a publisher

Everyone with a cell phone with a camera can be a potential photographer or a journalist

Everyone with a computer and internet access is potentially connected to everyone else

Everyone with a computer, internet access and a message or an idea has a global audience

Everyone with a computer, internet access and a product has a global market

Everyone with a computer and a printer has a printing press

Are our children prepared for a world where…

Physical space is becoming more and more irrelevant

They have access to or the ability to connect to the best brains on the planet

They are potential learners and teachers at the same time

Content is everywhere;

                  available in abundance;

                      in all shapes and sizes; 

                          from all perspectives; and

                              becomes obsolete almost immediately.

Information is constantly shifting; 

                  being updated; or

                      being added to

Learning is not linear

                  is not confined to the curriculum

Are we preparing our children for the future…

                  A future that is changing as we speak.

                      A future that we don’t know what it would look like.

Are we giving our children the tools to compete…?