Students taught by poor quality teachers perform badly

Thess are the observations of separate studies conducted in the US and UK.

According to research conducted by the University of Bristol “On average, pupils perform a third to a half of a grade worse with a bad teacher than with a good one.” The full text of a news article appearing in the guardian (April 22, 2009) can be found here.

In another research conducted by the Gates Foundation “A top quartile teacher will increase the performance of their class – based on test scores – by over 10 percent in a single year”. This statement was made by Mr. Bill Gates at a presentation at TED (Time into presentation – between 11 min & 12 min).

The results of the research studies are intuitive.  Despite this many organizations, including educational institutions, that do not invest in sourcing, developing and retaining the best talent. For educational institutions, lack of adequate focus in this area has the impact of their students achieving suboptimal test scores which in turn results in a decline in brand equity, teacher and student churn and an inability to source quality students.

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