The world of education is the throes of rethink and realignment. Much of the rethink is justified and imperative to keep education relevant and significant in a fast evolving world.

Some of the perplexing questions facing educators and educational organisations are:

  • How do we define education?
  • Should the focus be on learning or teaching?
  • Will research-based pedagogical practices prepare the students to face and thrive in a competitive world?
  • Does student-friendly learning have any place in a system where success is exclusively determined by standardised tests?
  • Should schools mirror the society or reform it?
  • What does it take for teachers to start perceiving themselves as professionals?
  • What is the raison d’être of school and schooling ?
  • Do the school owners, leaders, teachers, students and parents share a common vision of education?
  • What do our teachers spend most of the time doing?
  • Do are teachers feel supported and motivated?
  • Are textbooks curriculum?
  • Are we teaching the children or the textbook?
  • How do we make change in education manageable and enjoyable for all stakeholders?

Art of Learning provides a menu of services to help deconstruct and reconstruct an understanding around these and similar questions. Run by educational professionals it offers the following services, within India and abroad:

Curriculum Advisory: Schools, both national and international, design their curriculum on national/state standards and vision of the school’s governing body (to be changed) Read more…

Professional Development

School Systems

Program Affiliation

Catalysing School Improvement

Designing & Operationalising Educational Programs